Former President Barack Obama can try to spin the wiretapping of Trump Tower prior to the 2016 Election Day anyway he wants but it doesn’t pass the stink test.

Obama used his power to push the IRS to attack and hinder political opponents. Obama and his team hacked and put surveillance on CBS News report Cheryl Atkinsson and Fox News Reporter James Rosen. And lets not forget that Obama was listening in to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. That is just part of the story.

Who would doubt that his team also led an electronic foray into the heart of the Trump political universe? You’re right Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Al Franken. Serious Americans however aren’t going to dismiss this kind of wholly illegal and unacceptable attacks on the sanctity of the foundation of America.

If this is shown to be true people will be going to jail. Finally. Former George W. Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey is already supporting the allegations as true and other sources being shared are also indicating it is true.

This story is not new. The website Heatstreet first reported the FISA court cleared wiretapping of Trump by the Obama Administration back on November 7, 2016, the day before the election. Far left website Slate was back on the story in early January, so none of this is new. What’s new is that somebody inside the Trump Administration has apparently concluded that it did indeed happen.

President Trump calling for a Congressional investigation is not the act of a crazy man or a guilty person. It is the act of someone who has seen some things that make an investigation necessary and mandatory. I expect that as this investigation unfolds the Democrats and the left will become totally unhinged. I expect this will throw off the entire idea that they could keep their tracks hidden. The closer Trump gets to the truth, the farther the left including the globalists, big banks, big industry and big government will go to keep their secrets secret.

I have never believed it would be a good idea for people in the American Government to be put in prison. I, like most Americans believed the pardoning of Richard Nixon was the right decision to bring a torn nation back together. This however is far more than Nixon ever conceived of. This, if proven true will require prison sentences for whoever was involved up to and including the Former President of the United States.

Good friends of mine that are certainly far more liberal than myself including those that voted for Barack Obama say if this is true he should be in prison and so should everyone else that played a role in a scheme to undermine a political opponent of his hand picked successor for the White House.

This would explain why the Russian concerns for the Democrats was never discussed much until Hillary Clinton lost. The Democrats found themselves in a mad scramble to find something to challenge the legitimacy of the Trump Presidency so that if he got onto a hot scent of impropriety or worse, possible illegal activity then they could diminish his impact. However the impact of Trumps accusations seem to have hit squarely and created a media tsunami. Even left leaning journalists know this could be an opportunity to find one of the biggest stories of all time. It doesn’t matter if Barack Obama tries to deflect the damage of such revelations but claiming he didn’t ‘order the wiretapping’. People know he was the man in charge and they know he was involved.

Another big red flag for Democrats is this: if I were accused of wiretapping an American President prior to his election I would not send out an errand boy with a press release saying it didn’t happen. If I were falsely accused I would call a press conference immediately to flat out deny the charges in person, in front of the nation and in front of the world. Barack Obama is yet to be seen. That would be hugely concerning to me if I were on the left today. Why wouldn’t he come out in person to say this never happened?

Think about that for a minute.

Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do? How did you handle it?

This is a crisis for Democrats as more people come forward saying the wiretapping did in fact happen. The attempt to say former President Barack Obama didn’t ‘order’ the electronic invasion into Trump Tower isn’t a tacit denial of knowledge of the operation. This will continue to get worse for quite sometime to come I surmise.

It seems that draining the swamp may not be nearly enough. We may need to light the hole on fire that is left behind and then bulldoze what’s left. I am not sure anyone conceived how big the mess actually was when Donald Trump was elected. I am not sure he does yet but he is learning more each day and is on the job.

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