It is 15 degrees and blowing snow. The next day it’s 55 and sunny. Then the cold blow comes back through with a pile of snow. Up north Boyne City got dumped on with 14 inches of snow while it’s getting warm not far south.

Seems to me that Old Man Winter is off his meds and is losing touch with reality!

The weather has been all over the map this year. December saw us get pounded with well above normal snowfall. Then January and February were for the most part warm and well above normal on the thermometer. But the snow we didn’t get was dumped all across the west. Some ski resorts in California and Nevada picked up over 600 inches this winter! Some areas have gotten so much it is very difficult to even measure it. In Europe the ski resorts are having great seasons too.

I don’t know, maybe it’s time to go hold that little rat in Pennsylvania accountable. He said 6 more weeks of winter was on the way but I’m not sure what to expect and I’d say nobody actually does.

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