We spoke yesterday about the “Day Without Woman” march for today March 8th in Washington D.C.  Well there is going to be a “Day Without Women” march right here in Michigan today to show their support for the women protesting in D.C. and across the nation.

This one day protest is supposed to call attention to the economic bias faced by women and is planned for March 8th because today is also the United Nations designated International Women’s Day.  The International Women’s Day has been observed globally since the early 1900's.

The “Day Without Women” protest is encouraging people to wear red to “signify love, sacrifice and resistance”. The movement is also asking women to abstain from shopping in stores or online to show the power of their dollar.

I bet there are quite a few men who would support this “Day Without Women” protest when it comes to them abstaining from spending money at stores or online.

I know, I know, there are men who also spend quite a bit of their families’ income also.

According to an article in The Detroit News, Heather Saunders, a Royal Oak photographer and mother of three kids, plans on showing her support by not making any purchases.  She is quoted in the article stating:

Wednesdays are normally my day to shop for groceries. I have made adjustments to my schedule this week to ensure that I do not add any of my hard-earned dollars to the economic cycle for the day. I hope women all over the country understand that there are other ways of supporting without missing work.

Well here is one man who does have a wife and children saying good luck ladies.

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