Supreme Court

Steve Gruber, The President is Promising He Will Pick a Woman
President Trump was back on the road in Ohio, a critical swing state, as he always is and spent time on the big ticket items for the upcoming election. Now only 6 weeks away, number one with a bullet is RBG’s death surpassing the pandemic and the riots in the streets of America. The President promising the faithful in attendance that he will pick a woman to fill the seat left behind by the iconic progressive jurist.
Government’s “Regulatory Taking” of Private Land
The United States Supreme Court will be hearing a very interesting case this week.  The case of Murrs vs Wisconsin, dealing with the government “taking” their land. This case involves a Wisconsin family, the Murr’s, who are arguing that the government has unconstitutionally “taken” their land by refusing to allow them to sell part of it...
Supreme Hypocrite!
I got a chuckle when I read an editorial by Stephen Henderson in the Detroit Free Press.  He was discussing the United States Supreme Court decision concerning an Arizona case on political redistricting, the justices had to decide whether nonpartisan commissions can replace state legislatures in drawing congressional district maps every 10 years.
Renk’s Thoughts On Gay Marriage
It is fitting that the President’s current residence is colorless (white being about as colorless as you can get). In some sense it is beautifully symbolic like the white of a wedding dress or funeral attire in some Eastern cultures.

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