Supreme Court

Should the Supreme Court Care?
Many of you may already know that the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide at the end of this month on a big and substantial challenge to the Unaffordable Care Act.
That challenge centers around 4 words written in the law.  T...
The Raisins Are Raising The Roof
Did you know that your federal government literally takes part of the raisin farmer’s crops and do not pay them for it, in most cases?
Would you call that theft?
If someone came to you and said we are going to take part of what you grow and/or make and give you nothing for it, is that …
Steve Gruber's Weekend Edition, 3/7/15
Host Steve Gruber takes a look at the Democrat Party to start this Weekend Edition. Democratic Senator from New Jersey Robert Menendez has more than once spoken out against the Obama Administration on issues of immigration and executive action...