Host Steve Gruber takes a look at the Democrat Party to start this Weekend Edition. Democratic Senator from New Jersey Robert Menendez has more than once spoken out against the Obama Administration on issues of immigration and executive action. This week in response, the Department of Justice has decided to launch an investigation into some of his campaign donations.

Steve splits the second segment focusing on two topics. First he discusses the US Supreme Courts' response to whether federal subsidy can apply to states without State Exchanges, according to the ACA.

And the ongoing topic through May 5th, and likely beyond, is how to pay for the repair of Michigan Roads and bridges. The debate continues on Proposal 1 and whether Michigan voters will decide to increase their taxes, and Gruber keeps up to date on the discussion.

Should tobacco be outlawed? Steve makes the case that it should. He is a former user of tobacco products and he says that the health problems caused by tobacco are just too severe to overlook.

This week Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech on the prevention of Iran's obtaining nuclear arms. The speech comes after Obama warned members of his party not to attend, stating that he thought it would be deleterious to negotiations with Iran. Gruber contrasts Netanyahu's statesmanship and conviction with President Obama's weasely fecklessness.

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