Above you will see Michigan's 13th Congressional District and it's contorted shape.

The Supreme Court's ruling last week which upheld the authority of states, via the state of Arizona case, to take the power away from elected politicians to set congressional districts every ten years.

Many politicians do not like this idea.

Now according to an article I read in the Lansing State Journal written by the AP, advocates of improving Michigan's legislative and congressional district drawing process are on the move. That improvement could come via a non-partisan commission which would redraw these district lines.

The way it currently happens is whichever party is in control, Republican or Democrat, attempt to rig the districts in their favor.

How do they do this?

They attempt to redraw district lines where they know there is a large amount of their Republican or Democrat voters, thus ensuring that they will win that seat.  This helps the parties to then spend the money they do have on more moderate and contested districts.

It is called gerrymandering, the drawing of district lines to benefit one political party over another.

Both parties do this, so when you hear a politician complain about the other party redistricting just chuckle to yourself and think, "what a fool."

Two groups that are advocating for improvement to Michigan’s redistricting process are the League of Women Voters and Common Cause.

The problem with all of this is how you come up with a process in which you form a non-partisan commission.  Who would create these lines?  How can you take politics out of this?

I would be all for this if they could actually form a “non-partisan” commission.  If you were to look at our congressional districts, you would get a great laugh

Currently 13 states have commissions with varying roles in drawing congressional lines, and 21 states use a commission in their redistricting process.

Does this sound like a good idea to you?

How do you find a “non-partisan” group?

What would be the pro’s and con’s of this “non-partisan” commission?

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