Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

The surge in gun ownership in America is being fueled by a huge uptick in Black Gun Owners! In fact among blacks, the increase in buying firearms in a whopping 58.2% Who do you think they will be voting for to defend their rights?

There appears to be a growing level is sickness in America. Complete depravity whether it’s a guy with 260 felonies gunning down three young men that are just going fishing or a man kneeling hard on the neck of a White 2- Year Old Child to support black lives matters. It is by definition, evil.

How about a catch all for Friday and maybe a Friday deep cleanse. I mean the stories pile up here every single day and a lot of them that I find important getting ready for the show never make it.

I will start with the outrageous of the media declaring Florida a disaster area because it had 147 reported Covid deaths, a new record But NOWHERE NEAR NEW YORK CITY—ITS RECORD DAY WAS MORE THAN 800 DEAD AND FLORIDA HAS MORE PEOPLE THAN THE STATE OF NEW YORK!

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