Paying close attention to what everyone else misses. You’re welcome.

Here are 3 big things you need to know right now:

Number 3—The whole thing flying around the internet about a draft being put back in place—well that is what we call a hoax. Yeah, my daughter asked me about it too. Its all bunk, and this is how fast lies spread.

Number 2—Virginia is gearing up to strip its citizens of the right to exercise their rights enumerated in the Bill Of Rights. Not only are they going to outlaw guns and make gun owners outlaws, they are going for ammunition free zones too. Just like Mexico!

Number 1—Over the past couple of days hysteria gripped most of those gracing the screens of the majority of American News Outlets. They were blabbering about the onset of World War 3 and how Donald Trump was taking us into another winless quagmire—even blathering dolts like Ann Coulter were on the stupid train. Guess what? They all got it wrong again—in fact it was a set play!

Tick tock—298 days to election day 2020.

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