Here we go— Live from The No Panic Zone— I’m Steve Gruber—God Bless America—This is the Steve Gruber Show— THURSDAY April 23rd, 2020—inoculating you against ignorance!


Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now—


Three— Michigan State University has developed a 5-minute test for the Covid-19 Coronavirus—its just a matter of getting FDA approval—


Two— The Numbers are getting cooked in Michigan—I am going to walk you through what is actually going on— and yes there are plenty of beds and ventilators—


One— I told you they were going to cook the books in earnest by using numbers they had been holding back—and IT APPEARS that is the case—however it is also the case that Michigan—like everyone else is testing more—BUT lets be honest—Governor Whitmer never had any intention of ending the lockdown on April 30th—too bad she can’t take the lead of other Governors all over the country—


And she got caught awarding a no bid contract to keep track of Michigan residents to a guy who said he hoped President Trump would get Covid- ASAP

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