Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

Attorney General Bill Barr says the idea of mail in ballots in a large number of states is a grave concern because he says it is about rigging the election. He also says Democrats are behind the unprecedented push toward delegitimizing our elections.

The President has floated the idea of giving his nomination acceptance speech either at the White House somewhere or possibly traveling to the battlefield at Gettysburg, which sent the historically illiterate crowd into a frenzy over at CNN. They apparently think Robert E Lee won that fight in July 1863.

The warnings are continuing to be issued by the CDC and others when it comes to not opening schools across the nation. America is becoming ever more an outlier by keeping schools in many areas closed. In fact the CDC says not opening schools presents a grave danger to millions of school kids.

And it's time for teachers to step up and do their jobs. If they won’t or the unions refuse, then by God fire them and get somebody who will take 60k with a 3 month vacation to get the job done!

But first another dire warning, this one from Black Men to Joe Biden pick a black woman or we will not be voting for you on November 3rd. I guess that is blowing Governor Gretchen Whitmer out of the water and after all her top shelf pandering too.

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