State Representative Tim Kelly, R-Saginaw Township, who chairs the House Appropriations Subcommittee on School Aid and is a member of the House Education Committee wrote an opinion piece which was published in The Detroit News. In that opinion piece he states that we must "face facts" and it "would be better off if DPS simply went away". He believes by just "replacing the district with a “new” district, where the only thing that really changes is the logo and the letterhead, isn’t progress".

I tend to agree with him. Too often or I should probably say all the time government just believes that throwing money at a problem and changing people will solve the problem. It sounds to me like winging it on a hope and prayer. I considered whether or not I should use the "prayer" word since I was talking about the government and how so many people on the left seem to loathe any religious words being used when you talk or write about government.

Will money and a "new district" really solve decades upon decades of corruption and the big business of K-12 education that the unions promote and drive?

Of course it will not and it is foolish and naïve to think so. I am tired of our politicians being foolish and naïve with our money and in this case our children.

Rep. Kelly wrote in his opinion piece:

"If we want to see positive results and real change, we have to stop tinkering around the edges and get serious about the kind of sweeping changes we need. All options should be on table to help students in Detroit as well as thousands of kids suffering in the state’s lowest performing schools. We shouldn’t be meek or timid, or accept continuation of the status quo, if we want significant changes. While Michigan used to be on the forefront of education results and reforms, we are being passed by so many other states, while our children are left behind."

Again I agree, we should take this opportunity of yet another bailout to start all over and create a 21st century school system. A system which put our children first and not the adults. A system which teaches critical thinking and gets back to the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic with the addition of science and technology.

What are your thoughts?

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