Did he or didn't he say Islamist terrorist?

By the way is it Islamic terrorism or man-caused disaster?

Illegal alien or undocumented person?

Global warming or Climate Change?

Criminals or justice-involved youth?

Words and their definition really matter and when people attempt to change their meaning, be ready for their con.

I just read a great article by Victor Davis Hanson published in The Washington Times titled "The politicization of the English language".  It explains what is going on, how it was predicted and the harm in which it will cause us.

Many of you might have heard that French President Francois Hollande met with President Obama in Washington to discuss stopping the sort of radical Islamic terrorists who have killed innocent people in Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino and many other places around the world.  The French President Hollande referred to the violence as “Islamist terrorism.”

The White House attempted to cover for the people who perpetrated those murders by deleting that phrase, “Islamist terrorism”, from the audio translation of the official video of their meeting.  When the White House was questioned about that deletion they restored it.

You must ask yourself did the Obama administration believe that there was no reporters at that press conference or us who watched it did hear the translation of the French president saying “Islamist terrorism”.  Do they believe if they simply deleted those words then the French President did not really say them and Islamic terrorism does not exist?

Did the Obama administration not expect that someone would have compared what they did to what the Soviets apparatus did in the 1930s, when they deleted all photos, recordings and films of Leon Trotsky therefore his statements and photos did not exist.

When President Obama’s administration and his agencies attempted to wipe out the meaning of illegal alien and change it to undocumented workers, did anyone really believe that?  Did that someone help their cause?  I  guess they suspect that many people do not care and therefore will not stop and think about what they are attempting to do.

When his administration started calling terror attacks “man-caused disasters” did that somehow make those terrorist attacks akin to everyday murders and attacks, do not big whoop?

Does global warming really mean climate change, climate changes all they time?  You must ask yourself why they stopped using global warming a word the proponents of that religion has been using for over a decade.

When young people’s criminal acts became “justice-involved youth” did that change what was actually happening?  Does that somehow help the people they believe or at least say they are attempting to help? Can illegal police shootings become “police-involved shootings”, so nothing to see here please move along?

In the article Victor Davis Hanson reminds us of the Greek historian Thucydides, who wrote over 2,500 years ago that in times of social upheaval, partisans would make words “change their ordinary meaning and … take that which was now given them.”

I hope more people are asking themselves why the Obama Administration and the Democrat party is attempting to change the meanings of so many words.

Are there that many people who simply do not care or are not paying attention?  I unfortunately believe sadly that there are not enough of us who care and are intellectually interested in seeking the truth and the deeper meaning behind what they are doing.  The Obama Administration and the Democrat party know they can get away with it with enough people to be voted in again.

By the way I just saw a headline on a national news site that read "DC Police Crack Down on Illegal ATV's On City Streets and Sidewalks.  Did they really mean to say "Undocumented ATV's"?

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