Target Stores don’t care what bathroom you use. In fact, if you think you’re a woman, despite being a 6 foot 6 inch biologically intact man, certainly, use the ladies room. If somebody’s 6 years old daughter is in there well so what? Who the hell does she think she is anyway?

Target is now publicizing it’s policy of go ahead and use whatever bathroom you identify with. It doesn’t matter if it is upsetting to others. It doesn’t matter if kids are in there. It doesn’t matter it seems if you are a sexual predator. If you feel like a woman, no matter what kind of plumbing you have, then by God you march right into the women’s room. If those simpleton, bigoted and closed minded elderly women don’t see the real inner beauty of your transgendered self that is just too damn bad.

Hey Target, newsflash, I will be taking my children and my wife to shop elsewhere. And let me be clear to any other stores considering such ill conceived notions- if you follow suit, I won’t spend money with you either. Have I made myself clear?

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