In Japan and South America there have been a rash of strong earthquakes in the last few days giving credence to the term ‘Ring of Fire’ that circles the Pacific Ocean. The seven quakes in Japan have been moving ever inward toward the center of the small island at the center or the trembling storm.

Closer to home scientists now say Yellowstone National Park is overdue to explode into the atmosphere. Yellowstone is a Super-Volcano and would bury Idaho, Montana and Wyoming in molten rock, ash and debris if it and when it finally erupts, which it will.

The last time was an estimated 640,000 years ago. Beyond the initial blast zone ash would fill the atmosphere and could wipe out millions, if not billions of people in perpetual winter that could last 100 years. Heavy ash in the atmosphere would block out the sun for years. Any subsequent eruptions would continue to plague the planet.

And you thought Global Warming was something to worry about!