The Attorney General of Michigan will announce today criminal charges stemming from his offices investigation into the Flint water crisis.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the City of Flint’s official who signed a document stating that the taps tested for lead were from sources that had lead service lines.  The investigation determined that was false.

Michigan’s AG office will also bring felony and misdemeanor charges against two to four people involved in this crisis.  The additional people charged worked with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEA) and the City of Flint.

The AG’s office also stated that the investigation will continue and there may be more people charged.

The charges stem from emails as well as other official documents discovered during the on-going investigation.

Finally some accountability for government employee actions  I hope these are not witch hunts or patsies being charged but people who actually deserved to be charged.  I also hope that all involved in any criminal activity no matter how high up it goes will be charged.

By the way no way is being charged for any possible link between the Flint River water crisis and an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease.  Even though last Sunday State Representative Jeff Irwin, Democrat Ann Arbor, stated that there was a direct link to the outbreak of the Legionnaires’ disease and the Flint water crisis.  He made this statement without any factual evidence back up his claim.  What does that tell you about State Rep. Irwin?

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