The real third rail of American politics these days is running as a third party candidate. It seems to me the man who has ignited a grass-roots-grass-fire across the prairies and the mountains and the valleys is Bernie Sanders. There is no question the Democratic nomination process has been rigged from well before day one. Super delegates, hundreds of them had lined up behind Hillary Clinton long before any votes were cast. The Democratic Elite simply didn’t know or didn’t care that Bernie Sanders was about to ignite a movement on the left no one saw coming.

If anyone should consider a third party run in 2016 it is the Socialist Democrat from Vermont. I mean he isn’t a Democrat at all. Bernie has a legitimate shot at running as a legitimate third party candidate. It is far more logical than Donald Trump as a tird party candidate.

Of course how much fun would it be- if there were four people running for President in the fall. I mean two ‘third’ party runs would be great.

Well that’s my opinion anyway.