Interesting, I thought that the lead found in Flint’s water was due to racism.  At least that is what most main stream media outlets were reporting.  In fact a headline in The New York Times screamed “The Racism at the Heart of Flint’s Crisis”.

Now we find that Grosse Pointe schools have found elevated lead and copper in their water.  At least that is what the Detroit News is reporting.

The Superintendent of Grosse Pointe schools sent out an email to parents stating that 10 of 130 samples, that’s 7.7%, had levels exceeding federal standards.

The samples were taken immediately from taps after flushing the system for two minutes at “representative drinking foundations and sinks at each building”.

The Superintendent was quoted in the Detroit News article stating:

“Like many school districts across the state, after the Flint crisis, GPPSS wanted to be proactive in protecting its students and staff, and our district was among the first to begin voluntary testing.”

Now is the wealthy mostly white school system higher than federal standards levels also due to racism or white privilege, which one could it be?

How are the race hustlers going to explain this one in context of what they said and wrote about concerning Flint?  This is what happens when the “race card” is pulled right away with absolutely no evidence.

Could it be that the “white privileged” students in Grosse Pointe where jealous of all the attention the mostly non-white students were getting and they wanted attention for themselves.

You tell me.

As a society we must frown and look down upon people and news sites which automatically blame a crisis or issue on race with no evidence to back them up.  When the race hustlers pull the race card right away you must wonder what their agenda really is and if they truly care about determining what the really problem is.

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