So for the past few days I have been watching the 14 day forecast on my iPhone for Friday April 22, 2016. That of course is Earth Day and I am hosting a big pork rib BBQ at a restaurant near my house. I just cannot figure out what the weather is going to do.

Here’s the thing, every day it’s changing dramatically and there is no semblance of rhyme or reason. The first time I looked it said 72 degrees and mostly sunny with no chance of rain. I thought, ‘perfect.’ The next day it was totally different and said 60 degrees with an 80 percent chance of rain. I thought well that’s too bad I guess everyone will just need to come inside for the ribs. I’m serious, I am not making this nonsense up.

Today I looked and now it says 58 degrees and a ten percent chance of rain. I mean do people actually get paid to make these predictions? Who can go to work each day, blow it every single time and still get paid? This is mind numbing. These so called forecasts could be made by a three year old with a dart board.

So the point is this, these professional meteorologists can’t make any prediction 14 days out with any certainty or accuracy and yet they want us to believe they can make forecasts 20, 50 or a thousand years into the future. Well color me skeptical but I am not buying it. I will however bring an umbrella, sunscreen, a jacket and sun glasses to the BBQ because just like the experts I have no idea what will happen.