Is it that we all lie but the real question is how much and for what reason.

I just read a great article published by the AP which informed us that researchers who have been studying the human being and lying. As being reported in the AP article the researchers found: "We all stretch the truth. We learned to deceive as toddlers. We rationalize our fabrications that benefit us. We tell little white lies daily that make others feel good."

Do you lie or tell white lies and believe you are doing so for altruistic reasons?

Surprise surprise researchers found that we all lie but politicians do so more often and on a greater scale.

Kang Lee, a professor at the University of Toronto has found that children learn to lie at an average of about 3 years old. Professor Lee believes this happens at this early age because the children start to realize that people don't know what they are thinking. In fact the professor has found that by age 5 or 6, 90% of the kids lie.

When it comes to politicians, well they are in a league of their own. Stanley Renshon a Political scientist and psychologist believes politicians should be held up to a higher standard. I agree but the big question is why are they not? The only reason I can come up with of why they are not held to a higher standard is because people either do not care that much when their "team" lies but do when the other team does or as long as they are getting something out of it who cares.

Mr. Renshon has found that over the decades politicians and the government "have been more deceitful and unwilling to tell the public something that could hurt them politically".

I keep asking why do so many of us allow our elected leaders to lie to us? They not only allow them but reward them by voting for them over and over again.

As an example I give you Hillary Clinton.

If we do not start demanding honesty from our politicians our political system will ultimately collapse and fail. We must hold them accountable by not voting for them, then they will get the idea and possibly start being honest with us.

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