No I don’t mean he is jumping on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon but some days it seems he might just as well. I mean he seems more than willing to walk right into the middle of political minefields no matter what kind of damage it does to his wife the Democrats leading Presidential contender.

Bill has spouted off recently and attacked Black Lives Matter while defending his 1994 crime bill that touched off what critics say is a generation of mass incarceration of black people. He has seemed honestly out of touch with Hillary’s campaign that is itself criticizing the former Presidents policy and it’s effects.

I mean do you really think Bill wants his wife to have the power, to be President? I just think he likes the idea of the being the favorite son of the Democratic Party, despite his long publicized history of sexually harassing and sometimes sexually assaulting a variety of women over the years. He does not want to be second fiddle to his wife, who as we all know, is nothing more than a spouse of convenience.

I further predict- when Hillary loses in November, if she makes it that far, will file for divorce from Bill. Remember you heard it hear first.