Ryan Duffy, with the Enbridge Communications Team discusses what is going on with Line 5 here in Michigan. Check out the interview from this morning to find out more.

Late yesterday the Attorney General went to court asking for a shut-down of Line 5, and claiming the Line is damaged. What is Enbridge’s reaction and is the Line damaged?

According to an Enbridge press release:

Enbridge said today the temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction
sought by the Attorney General of Michigan, Dana Nessel, is legally unsupportable, unnecessary, and will be vigorously opposed by Enbridge.


Enbridge understands the importance of the Great Lakes to the State and the need to protect the Straits, the environment and people. As part of its thorough maintenance and inspection program, Enbridge first noted a disturbance to an anchor support on the east leg last Thursday and immediately shut down both legs of the Line 5 dual pipelines crossing the Straits of Mackinac as a precautionary measure. The east leg pipeline remains shut down, while the west leg was restarted after a thorough review and consultation with our safety regulator.

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