I have heard all I can about unsubstantiated allegations from foaming at the mouth Democrats and their pals in the national media of Russia colluding with President Trump and his team with exactly no evidence whatsoever that anything illegal, immoral or even inappropriate has occurred.

I watch people that think they are smarter than the average person appear regularly on national news outlets and spew conspiracy theories about Trump working with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton and every uttered bit of nonsense put out without a single fact to support the notion.

In fact, Democratic Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland called Russian interference in the election of November of 2016 an ‘act of war.’ An act of war, really? So the Democrats are suggesting we should declare war on Russia even though those on the left never actually considered Russia to be a threat to America for, well pretty much my whole life.

As we skip down the garden path we hear from members of Congress like Democrat Adam Schiff of California who says known liars like Susan Rice, who has now been fingered as the person who likely committed felonies by exposing US citizens is clearly innocent of doing anything wrong. That of course is impossible to know at this point of the conversation but hey if you’re a Democrat NBC will air any piece of crap you utter no matter what it’s veracity.

So it goes. Be bold my friends and keep the faith!

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