On March 22nd Susan Rice flatly denied any knowledge whatsoever of unmasking any American on PBS. Rice of course denied spying on Donald Trump or his people but today she contradicted herself on MSNBC and said she would "on occasion" unmask people to "better understand" the intelligence reports she was seeing.

This is a clear contradiction (some would call it lying) that begs the question of what is really true? Ambassador Rice became notorious for lying about the deadly events surrounding Benghazi on at least 5 TV news programs blaming the slaughter of five Americans on a YouTube video.

The big Benghazi lie spread by Susan Rice is an early morsel of delicious 'fake news'. All the major networks gobbled up this garbage and dismissed anyone who questioned the narrative.

Well it is clear she lied then and she is certainly lying now. The only question is about what and to what extent? And what did President Obama know and when did he know it?

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