Michigan State's road game against Northwestern that was originally scheduled for Friday has been put back to a more traditional Saturday date.

The Big Ten Network and ESPN announced last year that they would start to put Big Ten conference football games on Friday night in order to put more games live on their network. Many, including the MHSAA, were outraged by the decision in part on the argument that Friday nights are for High School football.

The Chicago Tribune reports "unintended consequences" were the reason that led to not only Michigan State's Friday game with Northwestern being moved but another game the Wildcats were set to play on Friday against Maryland is going to be moved to a Saturday.

The Detroit Free Press speculates that with no Friday dates currently on MSU's schedule, the Spartans will move their opener to the Friday before Labor Day which has been a recent tradition for Spartan football. No official word has been give on that front however.

Michigan State previously announced the only Friday night game they would consider hosting would be the weekend of Labor Day.

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