The word ‘unsubstantiated’ can be dropped from the headlines concerning the surveillance of Donald Trump and his people from the middle of 2016, through his nomination to be the Republican nominee to be President and continued all the way to his inauguration. It is clear to any honest person that the White House under the leadership of Barack Obama kept tabs on President Trump and his people. The spin doctors on the left and in the media will work overtime to find a way to make it not so but the curtain has been torn away.

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice has now been fingered as the perpetrator who asked for Americans to be ‘unmasked’ or identified in intelligence reports focused on foreign surveillance targets. Not only is the unmasking unprecedented it is illegal, plain and simple. It’s illegal because it puts people’s lives in danger. Susan Rice, it appears, is guilty of committing numerous felonies by deliberately exposing U.S. citizens in the course of collecting information of foreign targets of U.S. surveillance.

This should be the lead story on every single network but instead CNN, ABC, NBC and the rest spend all of their time doing whatever they can to build the alleged connection between President Trump and Russia; for which there is not one shred of evidence that Trump did anything inappropriate or has any connection to Russia that would have any negative implications. This has been investigated by several agencies and dates at least as far back as mid-2016 and yet there has not been a credible case put forth.

The real story here is that Susan Rice, who as National Security Adviser had an office in The White House and direct access to President Barack Obama was the person directing the surveillance of Trump and his people. Sure those on the left will try to say they were actually following foreign targets and Trump and his people were caught up by accident.

Here is what they will finally have to admit at some point; President Trump and his team were followed long after any actual investigation of foreigners would have been complete. We will also learn that unmasking Trump and those around him had nothing to do with national security but rather was just a tool used in an attempt to embarrass and damage them politically.

In the past I have said it would not be in the best interest of America to pursue the prosecution of high-level officials in our government. I was wrong. If it is shown that Susan Rice acting at the behest of Barack Obama or even with his knowledge after the fact in the pursuit of uncover dirt against President Trump, then everyone connected to that cesspool must be held accountable. We must make it clear once again that America is a nation of laws and no one is exempt from prosecution. We must make it clear that no one is above the law and that means everyone including the former President of the United States.

This duty to follow the law must extend all the way from the White House to the various Statehouses that are trying to circumvent the law when it comes to critical issues like enforcing immigration law. It must be crystal clear that America continues to be a nation of laws.

But the beat of the drum continues. CNN is reporting that unmasking according to its sources would be routine in many cases. Really? That is the first time that has ever been said to me and in fact former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra says that is simply not true. Hoekstra says unmasking of civilians, which included every single person in Trumps inner circle until he was elected would be highly irregular and most likely highly illegal.

It is truly breathtaking how far some are willing to go in an effort to give cover to the former administration while at the same time throwing anything they can at the current administration.

Again, any thinking person can connect the dots here. Its not even a stretch to figure out exactly what happened and the intention of what was done and the target of the unmasking.

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