The Democrats and the left that for most of the cold war thought Republicans were simply too paranoid when it came to Russia have found their latest greatest boogey-man in Vladamir Putin and the pretend scandal. There is not one scintilla of proof that Trump was colluding with Russia. It just isn’t there and it never has been. In fact, if there were records for such things, it may be the biggest Red-Herring of all time. An all-time world’s record Red-Herring thrown on the deck of common sense by the angry left.

Hillary Clinton supporters just remain convinced that if they continue to throw President Trump under the bus it would somehow help them when it comes election time again. I continue to follow the outbreaks of grief and rage on social media and it appears that those that supported Trump and his Presidency continue to do so. It appears that they find the relentless attacks to be unfair. Americans do hold a general sense of fair play near and dear and the onslaught of personal attacks against the President really don’t sell well in the Heartland of America.

It is odd that after attacking and ridiculing Mitt Romney in 2012 for aptly pointing out to Barack Obama that Russia is our most significant and consistent international adversary they are now screaming about the Russian threat. They laughed at Mitt and Obama said the 80’s called and ‘want their foreign policy back.’

Yet now we know the investigation into Russian meddling goes back to at least mid- 2016. Other reports are also surfacing that indicate Donald Trump was being looked into prior to his nomination as the Republican candidate for President. Yet nothing has come from it. Nothing. There seem to be no ties to the Kremlin. Honestly who would really believe that anyway?

The worst-case scenario is that he did business with Russian companies while running his own empire. Of course on the left the Socialist Warrior Bernie Sanders would scream that was a smoking gun. I find that the most absurd of all. I mean Sanders honeymooned in Russia and has openly embraced the Marxist ideology that has failed that nation for 100 years this year! Sanders and his rent-a-riot friends are openly friends of Communism and all it’s catastrophic failures. Yet they demand to know what is Trumps connection.

The left is chanting resist. Well I say President Trump should instead persist on the path of cleaning up Washington, no matter how dirty the job really is. Maybe he should call one of the people I respect most, Mike Rowe for a few pointers of crawling into the nasty dark places that need cleaning the most.

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