Despite what you keep hearing, there is absolutely no 60-vote threshold to get a Supreme Court Justice confirmed to the bench. In fact, if you look at Justices currently serving on the nations high court you will find Justice Alito only received 58 votes and Clarence Thomas picked up just 52 after the hit job he was nailed with.

The ONLY time you need 60 votes to get a nominated judge to be confirmed is if the nomination is filibustered. It has never happened in American history. Never. Not once. In fact only 12 justices have ever failed to get confirmed after getting to a vote. The most recent of course was Judge Robert Bork who was smeared by Democrat Ted Kennedy and the Reagan Administration failed to respond quickly enough to save him from collapsing.

The Democrats would be doing something unprecedented in filibustering a candidate that is not particularly controversial and in fact is considered a highly qualified justice by nearly all observers.

For all the yelling and screaming from Democrats about Republicans doing something unprecedented, let me clear it is a flat out lie. I know shocking right? Furthermore, in 2013 when then President Barack Obama was putting forth judicial candidates that could not meet the 60-vote cloture threshold, Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader at the time used the nuclear option to make the matter of confirmation a simple majority. Now when Republicans are preparing to do the exact same thing, Reid’s liberal progeny is apoplectic in response.

And to be clear Obama’s minions were slamming through those justices to stack the court with far-left activist judges that we are still dealing with today.

I don’t revere Mitch McConnell on many points but on the Supreme Court he has been masterful. He followed precedent by not allowing Merrick Garland to ascend to the Supreme Court. That was an idea first suggested by Joe Biden in 1992 and that was to not allow a nominee to proceed if the vacancy occurs in an election year. McConnell also famously warned the weasel Dirty Harry Reid that payback would come someday. I am pretty sure the Democrats failed to realize how soon the day of reckoning would come.

And lets be honest, I mean somebody has to, if rolls were reversed there is no questions that Chuck Schumer would do whatever he thought it would take to get a nominee through the process. And yes, I do mean anything.

So I am here to let you know those on the left are lying their asses off to bury you in BS.

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