A few years ago when the Right-to-Work battle was raging in Michigan the opponents of giving people the right to work here in Michigan were foretelling of a doomed Michigan if we were to pass the Right-to-Work legislation.

Well those opponents were wrong.  In an article published by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s news arm the Michigan Capitol Confidential they have found that:

“Michigan’s per capita personal income grew faster than that of 40 other states in 2016. Regionally, only Indiana saw incomes rise faster. (Indiana adopted right-to-work a year before Michigan.)”

Last week was the fourth anniversary of the Right-to-Work law and if we look at the numbers I think we can call it a success.

Is this enough proof that the Right-to-Work law was the right policy to peruse here in Michigan and has helped the people of Michigan?

If you believe the left will agree, please do not hold your breath.  The democrats/liberals will never agree that the Right-to-Work law was successful.  They will point to other factors or just out right not tell the truth and admit to the success in Michigan.

You might not remember but back in 2009 there was 39 other states that had a higher income then us in Michigan.  Since the Right-to-Work law passed and was implemented there are now only 30 states that can state they have higher incomes than us in Michigan.

I call that a success, wouldn’t you?

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