Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment.


MAGA Companies Power Trump Stock Boom


Steve Gruber: Phil, Welcome back.
Phil Kerpen: Hey Steve, great to be with you.
Steve Gruber: Always good to have you here? I look at the numbers today just out moments ago from Real Clear Politics and I see that the president has like I said said his all-time Mark for approval and then I see it the Washington Post, a brand new poll from Guapo and ABC news shows Bernie Sanders a piling up a double-digit lead for the Democratic nomination. I'm sorry, but I believe the president is right. This country does not want, will not have, will not stand for a socialist in the White House your thoughts.
Phil Kerpen: well I think we've had some social thing the guy before our current guy was the Socialist but I think that you know, the difference was Bernie Sanders is he doesn't deny it. He's proud about it. He calls himself a socialist and thing and a half of the battle when you're running against the far left radical is convincing people that they are that when they deny it

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