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Nick Kovacevich is the CEO of KushCo Holdings. KushCo Holdings is the nation’s largest and most respected premier producer of vaporizer products, packaging, supplies, and accessories.

New CDC Data and Says He Has the Answer to fixing the Teen Vape Epidemic. He believes the black market fueled the severe lung illness outbreak in the vaping industry.

Steve Gruber: Nick, welcome to the program.

Nick Kovacevich: Steve, thanks for having me.

Steve Gruber: Good to have you here. Now new CDC data says that you might have an answer to fixing the teen vape epidemic. Do share because that would be critical for a lot of us.

Nick Kovacevich: Yes big issues as you mentioned as scary for a lot of parents so I understand people wanting any responses here and I think out right banning a product is only going to lead to a larger Black Market. I don't think that's the solution. What I do think is we could take a page out of what's been happening in the legal regulated cannabis industry and we're seeing there the data shows teen use is actually down 8 to 9 percent but only in States that have of legalized and regulated and we look at what they've done to be able to produce this type of result.

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