The Michigan State Officers Compensation Commission recommended last Friday that Michigan should restore a 10% salary cut and pay freeze enacted 7 years ago to the positions of:

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant governor
  • Attorney general
  • secretary of state
  • Supreme Court justices,

All the recommended raises by the Michigan State Officers Compensation Commission would not take effect until 2019.  That would be after the current governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and secretary of state leave office because of term limits.

If the recommended raise are accepted and take effect those positions wages would increase their pay as follows:

  • Governor, from $159,300 to $177,600;
  • Lieutenant governor, from $111,510 to $123,900;
  • Attorney general and secretary of state, from $112,410 to $124,900;
  • Supreme Court justices, from $164,610 to $181,071.

Michigan state employee wages have risen 33% over the last 15 years.

The problem for these raises is more of a political issue than a cost issue.  Will the Michigan citizens accepted these recommendations.

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