After dozens of votes during the tenure of President Barack Obama in the White House top repeal and replace Obamacare it seems almost bizarre that so called moderate Republicans are running scared to even consider repealing the often criticized bill.

Many of those that are called RINO’s by their legions of critics have now, after years of voting to blindly repeal Obamacare are not finding a whole host of reasons not to get on board with President Trump and the GOP. They point to the number of people that could potentially lose their health coverage. They complain it doesn’t cut enough cost from the plan. They say the insurance companies are in too much peril. In fact they sound a lot more like Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s minions and not those that should be loyal to Republican Speaker Paul Ryan.

After all the bluster and all the votes, that each of those ‘moderate’ Republicans knew meant nothing because tossing out the ACA could not happen with Democrats running the Senate and Barack Obama in the White House, they have been exposed for what they really are. Spineless is a term that comes to mind. Feckless also seems to hit home but it occurs to me that maybe it really isn’t their fault after all. Maybe each of these milk toast Republicans need Obamacare after all. The reason is simple; it seems that being a RINO is a pre-existing condition.

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