The Democrats got pretty much everything they wanted in the budget that will be funding the government through September. Conservatives are screaming President Trump is not keeping his word and is caving in to the Democrats.

Well what did you expect him to do?

The possibility of a government shut down was hanging over his head and all Republicans. And you should know the same as I do that Republicans always lose on a government shutdown. Always. It doesn’t matter what the truth is or the fact that most people cannot even tell when the Federal government shuts down for a few days. The Democrats draw cameras in like the Pied Piper and put on a show of how the republic is collapsing in the hands of the GOP. The media’s outright war on this President that is without question unprecedented in my lifetime would have been exacerbated by any brief shutdown in Washington. The media would have had a field day and liberals with eyes glazed over with delight would have been steaming up a thousand TV cameras from the Capital to the White House preaching from the Gospel of doom and gloom

Trump and his administration have been hindered and handicapped from day one by an angry press corps hell bent on doing as much damage as possible. This despite the fact that last week alone President Trump gave 9 major interviews last week alone including: The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CBS News, Fox News and several others. Sean Spicer takes more questions than Josh Earnest ever did and the pressroom has more reporters inside today than it ever has. But that isn’t enough for the press to slow it’s attacks, in fact the more Trump gives the angrier the press seems to get. It doesn’t matter. The Democrats and the Press is one in the same about 90% of the time. Maybe more.

This was a no-win for the President. And so Planned Parenthood gets funding as do Sanctuary Cities and a host of other failed liberal policies but it is only until September. Hopefully by then the President will be able to get through his top agenda items including tax reform and fixing the mess we know as Obamacare. That will give him the opportunity to finally stop the train from continuing to careen down the tracks. This means he lives to fight another day and on agenda items that are crucial for his success.

I would suggest you don’t count him out at this point. I might remind you that the pundits and TV talking heads told you 25 different times that Donald Trump could not win the nomination and later the Presidency. They continued to underestimate what he had brewing and what he do with it.

Stay tuned.

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