The government is like a back alley dealer peddling dependency on welfare programs that keep people hooked with little chance of breaking the cycle.  The dependency like any addiction, destroys self-esteem, tears families apart, victimizes children and leaves hope in the gutter. The junkies keep crawling back begging for more at the feet of the ruling class.

Human dignity is the first specific casualty of socialism. When pride is destroyed the masses are more easily molded to the visions of the elite and more easily create a foundation for the arrogance and opulence in the halls of power. If the oligarchs drop just enough crumbs outside the gates then they can keep those gates closed to all but the very privileged.

The dealers take to their podiums to demonize anyone who would challenge the system of oppression and dependence. Proselytizing from the throne of power, they decry any change and any challenge as destructive to society and dangerous for children. ‘We must protect the children’ from the evils of those that would demand more of them.

The steady march toward voluntary servitude continues to the precipice of tyranny. Demands are handed down and echoed through the streets by the mouths of the indoctrinated. It is best for all if it is worst for me.

My God- hath liberty eroded into the swollen muddy ditch of history?