Where are all the wailing liberals to decry the pending killing of 200 lions in Zimbabwe? The lion cull is coming soon because hunters have disappeared in the wake the hysterical outcry against lion hunting following the death of a single lion. Now hundreds will die and all there is, is silence.

Media outlets worldwide went crazy last year when a Minnesota dentist legally hunted and killed a lion nicknamed “Cecil’ and it quickly became the battle cry against evil-white-capitalist-hunters from America. Leftists used Cecil as one of the loudest dog whistles in years to attack everything about hunting, guns (even though Cecil was killed with a bow and arrow), animal rights, capitalism and anything else they could lump in to the narrative that America is a pile of garbage. The dentist, even though he was found to have followed all the laws and killed Cecil in a legal hunting area, was pursued by protesters and was the recipient of numerous death threats. He shut down his practice and went into hiding, fearing for his life and safety of his family.

Very few people were willing to stand up and tell you the truth that killing Cecil and other big game species is actually a very good thing and can keep those populations thriving. However, you have to stop and listen to understand. You see big game animals when hunted in places like Africa have a terrific financial value and therefore are protected by the government and by local villagers who know that money they get from hunters could become schools or medical clinics or running water in areas of the poorest places on earth.

I was one of the few voices in the wilderness telling you the truth about keeping lion hunting open. However, Michigan Senator Gary Peters and other misguided, uneducated politicians who know little or nothing about the natural world or the world of economics put forth new rules banning the import of lions to the United States. Suddenly lions that were once worth $10,000 and more were deemed almost worthless. As I wrote then, when things are deemed to have no value then those things, like lions, will be treated as such. Gary Peters in his myopic haze thought he’d ‘save lions’ by making sure they could no longer be brought here. Instead he made them worthless because hunters will not spend $10,000 plus airfare, hotels, guides and much more to hunt a lion they cannot keep. I wish the Senator would have enough sense to learn about how hunting is actually a conservation effort before you jump into the middle of a subject led only by your emotions.

I doubt the Humane Society of the United States, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or any of the other groups and individuals will admit their deadly mistake. No way. These folks will stick to their guns even though it will almost certainly lead to a devastating loss of lions in the wild and could lead to serious population concerns in the near future.

Why do I say this? Lets start with the latest news out of Zimbabwe, I found this on numerous websites including therealrevo.com: "The largest wildlife reserve in Zimbabwe said it may be forced to cull 200 of its lions after the predator’s population “exploded” due to hunters being scared off by international outrage over the killing of Cecil the lion last year."

Bubye Valley Conservancy, which is home to more lions than anywhere else in the south African country, said that the population of over 500 was too much for the reserve, the National Post reports.

The big cats have been decimating the population of antelopes and giraffes, and even wild dogs, cheetahs, and leopards, which have become easy prey after a dry summer left the grass short.”

The post is accurate that hunters were scared off but it is wrong about the most pressing reason. The reason isn’t that hunters are scared, though there could be a few in this category, the real reason is a lion cannot be brought back to be put on display in their game rooms and great rooms. Nobody is going to lay out that kind of money unless they get to keep their trophy. That’s the way it is.

Unless those restrictions on importing lions to the United States and other countries are lifted soon, the blood of lions, hundreds of them will soon be soaking into the dirt of sub-Saharan Africa. This time however there will be no school, no clinic and no running water as a reward. There will be nothing except circling vultures and the sound of self-congratulatory liberals patting themselves on the back, oblivious to the destruction they have unleashed on the Pride.