After the two biggest snowstorms of the year in Southern Michigan, it is now time to accept that Punxatawney Phil was right and an early blast of mild weather is coming to town.

By mid week, temperatures around here will be into the mid 60’s. Yeah, I know. That means for the second time in a couple of weeks all that snow is going to go away and go away fast. There is also some rain in the forecast which could quickly translate into a big surge of spring water of and of course seasonal flooding.

It also means we will usher in the season between winter and spring,  that lovely mud season. For the uninitiated, mud season, is a time when you can’t go enjoy the snow and it’s far too cold for a barbeque or trip to the lake. It’s that tweener time when we hole up inside. It’s the time of year when we shudder at the thought of going to an outdoor event in great shoes or a great outfit for fear of the mud smear.

Like it or not, mud season is the price we pay for fabulous Michigan summers and winters. I am willing to ante up but I prefer to do that in old boots and Carhartt bibs.