Getty Images by Alex Wong

You have to be kidding me, the Detroit News is reporting that former Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm told the Detroit News that Governor Snyder should move to Flint.

In fact Ms. Granholm said exactly the following to the Detroit News:

“I think who’s ever going to fix this problem should move to Flint and live in one of those houses so that they can understand the urgency with which the citizens of Flint are operating, that they feel it so deeply because every single day they have to deal with water that has been poisoned."

This coming from a woman who sat on her throne in her ivory tower in Lansing and the mansion on Mackinac Island as Detroit's schools burned both academically and fiscally.  She was the leader of our government as children in Detroit were failed by their school system and their Governor, Ms. Granholm.

Ms. Granholm if you lived in Detroit and sent your children to the public schools there you would have understood the urgency the parents and children were living in, because every single school day you would have had to deal with the schools which were failing those parents and children.

So I ask you Ms. Granholm, why didn’t you move to Detroit and send your children to the schools that you made the parents of Detroit send their children too.  The schools that failed those children miserably.

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