This is an interesting concept that I have been asking on my program for a while. Sweden, a country that in one recent poll found that 84% of their population supported a woman's right to have an abortion whenever she wants one, may not offer the same right to men.

The Washington Post is reporting about one proposal from a Swedish group that would give men the legal right to “legal abortion” of their unborn child.

Isn’t the talk these days all about equal rights and “fairness”? If a women who believes in abortion is against "legal abortion" by the father, is she being a bit hypocritical or not?

According to the article, the proposal would allow fathers to “legally abdicate his responsibility toward the child up to the 18th week of a woman's pregnancy. The man would lose any rights to visit the child but also would not pay any child support he may otherwise be required to contribute.”

Is it fair that only the mother can decide whether to abort a baby and not the father? If you believe it is fair then would you agree that the father then should have the ability to "legally abort" the baby?

If it takes two to make a baby, why does only the mother get to decide whether a baby lives or dies? When a woman chooses death for the baby, the father has no legal input. However, when the woman on her own decides the baby lives, she also demands the father be legally responsible for the child after the birth.

At what point does the father get to decide for his child? Live or die, he should be able to make his choice.

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