Did you ever watch David Letterman much? If you did you will know what I’m talking about and if you didn’t I will gladly explain. Dave used to have a bit where he would take letters, comments and input from his ‘home office’. The so-called office would be located in out of the way cities in the United States.

I think Letterman’s satirical bit should be taken more seriously and used in a much more useful way.

Major news outlets are more and more disconnected from the real world where people actually wear Wranglers and Carhartts in public. Places where cars have rust and everybody’s teeth aren’t perfect. Some reporters would be shocked to learn that some people, if they want it, actually have to buy sushi out of a cooler at the grocery store.

Networks should require their correspondents to do field studies each year in far- flung places like Gladwin, Michigan or Manhattan, Montana. They should be required to go bowling and eat at a family restaurant. They should be required to attend church in Iowa or an LDS Temple in Utah.

Networks should have a base of understanding of the nation they portend to cover.

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