Once again a Federal Judge has disregarded the law of the land in pursuit of an agenda that is contrary to America being a nation of laws. In fact, it is contrary to what America is and always has been and that is a nation of laws. The latest fight pits another judge in the jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals against President Trump and the promises he made to voters prior to his election in November.

A California Federal District Judge struck down the Trump Administration’s plan to withhold funding to so called sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents pursuing those that are in the country illegally. This sets up another test for the Supreme Court that now includes Justice Neil Gorsuch that was recently seated after being nominated by President Trump.

It is breathtaking how far these radical judges will go in pursuit of their own vision of the world. The total disdain for the law and the President of the United States is unprecedented in my lifetime. I would say it is judicial negligence and will bring into focus many of the concerns that drove voters to the polls and Trump to the White House.

Those on the left would have you believe that somehow people here illegally and in violation of the law are more important than what Congress has passed. Let’s be clear Donald Trump didn’t create the laws he is merely instructing those in charge to enforce the laws. And these lawsuits are making a laughing stock of the laws enacted by the Legislature and signed by various Presidents over the course of our nations history. Now the fascists and anarchists are in charge of California and other portions of the Western United States.

The activist judges put in place by Barack Obama are continuing to create chaos. The depth of the swamp is far deeper and darker than anyone including Donald Trump ever thought. Our hope now relies on the Supreme Court and the decades of precedence and I believe we may even see Justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg vote with the Trump Administration.

This has gone too far. This is has become a Constitutional crisis, a first in this nation history. The lawlessness must end.

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