Is it fair to say that President Trump is worse than a terrorist?

Apparently Democrat Congressmen Mark DeSaulnier from California believes so.

The East Bay Times is reporting that Congressmen Mark DeSaulnier held a town hall style meeting at a California Middle School last week

An eleven year old 6th grader at the town hall stood up and told the Democrat Congressmen how the her mother cried on election night and described how she is personally worried that her friends may be deported. She then asked the congressman if she should be worried about her future.

The Democrat Congressmen answered the question in an incredibly unbelievable way.  He was quoted in the article answering the eleven in old in the following manner:

From the mouths of babes. I think you should be concerned. This is dangerous stuff. I’ve said a few times, the most dangerous person in America isn’t a terrorist, it’s the person who’s president of the United States. So Eden, you’ve got to read, you have to be thoughtful, and you have to be engaged.

We heard for 8 years how “horrible” the Republicans treated former President Obama.  We were told how the Republican Party was the party of “NO” and how people in the Republican Party said horrible things about the former President.

Well now the shoe is on the other foot and the Democrat Party is the Party of “NO” and they are saying much worse things about President Trump.

How is President Trump supposed to reach out across the aisle and work with the Democrat Party when they are saying such unbelievable things about him?  When did a Republican ever say that former President Obama was worse than a terrorist, the answer is never.

The Democrat Party seems to be totally out of control and it worries me how people like Democrat Congressmen Mark DeSaulnier could ever be elected to be a leader of men and woman.  Is this a party you want to trust to lead the United States in the right direction?

I say they are not, at least until they root out people like Congressmen Mark DeSaulnier.  You can have disagreements about policies but when you make such outlandish statements about our current President you have proven to me that you do not deserve to lead anyone especially the United States.

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