It doesn’t matter what Donald Trump does as President, he is opposed at every turn. The opposition isn’t just from Democrats but also from Republicans who act more like a roving pack of cats than a political party. For all intents and purposes Trump is really more of an independent than truly belonging to the GOP. In fact, many would argue openly that he has a big streak of Manhattan liberal. His daughter Ivanka just announced to the world that she is a proponent of bringing Syrian refugees to America as part of what she called a ‘humanitarian crisis’. It seems the President can’t even catch a break from his own family and one of his Senior Advisors.

Today was like every other one over the past almost 100 days. The Trump Administration had a full day, which included a top level security briefing for the entire United States Senate on the deteriorating situation in North Korea and the looming battle on the peninsula. A couple of hours later a new tax plan was unveiled. Democrats were howling before it was even made public. Then plans to repeal Obamacare were said to have attracted the conservative Freedom Caucus but before that announcement could even settle, moderate Republicans were taking shots at it.

It doesn’t really seem to matter what is put up. President Trump is the focus of an angry media and even angrier contempt from those on the left and many more just looking to pile on or get in a jab or two for their own benefit.

They should all take a close look at the column in USA Today this week that focuses on a group of twenty Trump voters all of which, would vote for him again. I have never heard of such a thing. One may deduce whilst listening to the media there are disenchanted Trump voters everywhere. I however am yet to find a single Trump voter that says ‘gee I wish I had voted for Hillary”. Although, I have talked to people who aren’t thrilled about everything the President has done. I’d be in that group, especially if he is putting together a deal with Saudi Arabia to supply significant numbers of heavy military arms.

At the one hundred day mark, I have seen this President battled by the media every single day. The courts on several fronts have battled him on a regular basis. The left and the right have attacked him. From Chuck Schumer to Justin Amash, this President seems to get friction from every side.

I think the most amazing thing is that he is still standing in the batters box and taking swings. He has had some tough days but he is still swinging every day too.

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