The looming storm cloud on the horizon is the coming of the cashless society. It is something that will be sold to you on false pretenses. You will be told that if we shift to a cashless society and rely solely on plastic that it will eliminate vast amounts of crime not only in America but around the world. They will give you images of elderly people being robbed of their Social Security and tell you the way to make the world safer is to eliminate all the cash.

Who would sell drugs on the street corner after all if there was no quick cash to be made? Who would steal a TV or a computer if you couldn’t take it down to the pawn shop and hit the exit with greenbacks in your pocket?

The truth however is not nearly as wonderful as the faces behind the curtain would have you believe. In fact, it is one of the last bastions of freedom that will be under the thumb of the man. If there isn’t any cash then the government could know every single penny you make. There would be no tax cheats and there wouldn’t be anybody knocking off the party store on a Friday night to rob all the cash in the drawer.

Back alley deals would be a thing of the past. Gambling on the side would also vanish into the history books because you wouldn’t play Three Card Monte or Blackjack if you couldn’t cash out your winnings.

Yet a cashless society puts the globalists and the one world government crowd squarely in charge of every nickel you ever make. You could never stash anything away or stuff something in the mattress for a rainy day. You couldn’t keep a little stash away from your wife because it would all appear on your tax return every single year. You wouldn’t be able to hide any income at all. If there is no cash there is no privacy at all.

The day is fast approaching that you will not pull a wad out of your pocket ever again and that day will come with a lot of other days that you won’t be fond of looking back. The day you no longer had a car to drive because you were required to use an autonomous vehicle. The day you were no longer allowed to say a whole list of things because it might offend someone. The day you were told what neighborhood you were allowed to live in so the racial make-up meets the planner’s guidelines for community inclusiveness and diversity. The day you realized that the nation you’d been born into was no longer anything but a fading memory.

Well that could all happen but I will not go quietly into that good night. I will kick and scream and fight all the way to the end. I will use my freedom of speech to declare a cashless society a thief of liberty. Just one of many that I warn you they will try to impose unless you stand defiantly and say no more!

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