Michigan citizens who like having a switchblade on them just got one step closer to being able to carry them legally.

Mlive is reporting that Senate Bill 245, sponsored by State Senator Rick Jomes (R – Grand Ledge), which would legalize switchblade knives in Michigan passed the Senate 36-1.

Senator Jones stated that:

For years we've had on the books it's a violation to have a knife with a mechanical way of opening it. And this has led to a lot of people being charged with a one-year, high misdemeanor and it really isn't necessary.  They’re currently being sold all over Michigan, and I think it would be a terrible mistake to give a young person a year in prison for buying something they think is legal

The one dissenting vote came from Rep. Morris Hood III, D-Detroit, Rep. Hood was quoted stating:

As we see a lot of violence increasing in our country, in our world... I just don't think that there should be another tool out there for someone to be able to carry, to legally carry

Currently Michigan law prohibits anyone from selling or possessing a pocket-like knife that can be opened by the flick of a button or pressure on the handle.  Those charge and found guilty of carrying a switchblade can be punished by up to a year in prison or a fine of $300.

An Advocacy group out of Arizona named Knife Rights informs us that 43 states currently allow some form of civilian switchblade possession, and 30 of those states allow everyday carry. According to the Knife Rights group, a switchblade is no quicker to deploy than a legal one-hand opening folding knife and they provide an extra level of user safety because they lock in a closed position.

Did you know that carrying a switchblade in Michigan was still illegal?  I would be more concerned about someone carrying a gun than a knife.  In fact I would be concerned that I would pull out a switchblade for protection and the other person would then pull out a gun.  I would lose in that fight.

Do people still carry knifes for protection or more than likely they carry them for a functional use or hunting.

The bill will not move over to the State House and if passed in the House onto the Governor’s desk.

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