Berkley California was the center of the free speech universe when I was born. Anti-war protests and those standing up against the man erupted from the California cauldron of ideas.

But the molten conversation has turned to stone and the canary has died in the mine at Berkley because free-speech is banned there now. Milo Yionpollous the gay conservative firebrand triggered a 12 hour riot on the campus there when he was supposed to give a speech.

Now Ann Coulter has been told she cannot come. Even though a non-partisan group that wanted to have an open debate on illegal immigration and border security invited her. Coulter says she is going anyway on April 27th and the University of California will need to find a place for her to speak and the police will need to take care of her safety. Coulter says if they do their jobs then she will be free to do hers.

It is damned frightening that a place that was the pride of the 1st Amendment is now happy to enjoy watching it fade in the flickering fires lit by fascists and people that are opposed to all the things that made America exceptional in the first place.

Remember when people used to say ‘go ahead it’s a free country’? Yeah I don’t hear that much anymore. Do you?

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