Enough! I am tired of good people looking the other way and news networks ignoring the barbaric practice altogether of mutilating little girls genitals in pursuit of ‘their culture’ or their ‘religious practice’. I am sorry but that so culled culture has no place in America. None. It is a vulgar practice that should be rejected by all people from all backgrounds. This is not a discussion that goes one step further but the secretive practice of Female Genital Mutilation or FGM continues to happen in many nations around the world and it also happens in the shadows right here in America. It also happens right here in Michigan according to the FBI.

The arrest recently of Dr. Jumana Nagarwala for FMG, which according the The World Health Administration, is the partial or total removal of the clitoris and is sometimes referred to as a clitorectomy. It is a brutal procedure that leaves it’s victims with a lifetime of pain and complications as they are often done in poor conditions.

A Federal judge refused to assign bail in the case after concluding Nagarwala is a flight risk from the charges. The charges stem from the butchery of a clitorectomy on two 7-year-old girls brought here from Minnesota. The practice is strictly illegal in America unless a medical reason can be substantiated. In 2012 the Congress also outlawed so called ‘vacation cutting’. Vacation cutting was the practice of taking little girls outside the country for the mutilation during summer recess or other holidays.

The gut sickening procedure is performed predominantly in Muslim communities and is far more prevalent than most people would believe. The WHO says the harmful procedure has been performed on more than 500,000 women despite being banned since 1996. Some say the number in the United States is actually far higher. Worldwide the number of girls and women who have been victimized by the practice is estimated at more than 125 million.

The 44 year old Northville Doctor has no previous criminal record and is also an emergency room doctor with the Henry Ford Health System. The illegal procedures were allegedly performed at a Livonia clinic.

I ask you, where is the outcry from the moderate Muslim communities about this medieval brutalization of little girls by adults who hold them down and cut them in the most private areas possible?  Cases like this one show us that such horrors are not reserved for far away third world nations but can happen right here in out own backyard.

Wake up my friends.



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