In an incredible show of strength and support of an important United States ally Vice President Mike Pence arrived in South Korea for a visit to the Demilitarized Zone. It is the latest unexpected move on the world stage by the administration of President Donald Trump.

This comes after continued threats from North Korea against the United States and many of its allies with nuclear weapons.

This is a powerful move. This a clear display of unity. This is something that will be played all over the world. It is also a message to Chinese President Chi Jinping who was with the President at Mar-A-Lago a little more than a week ago when President Trump sent 59 cruise missiles into Syria in response to the use of chemical weapons. The Chinese who backed the North Koreans in the Korean War from 1950 until fighting stopped in 1953 are now warning their allies that they are headed in the wrong direction.

The government of Kim Jung Un has said it will strike America with nuclear weapons if they are provoked. Over the weekend the country tried to test a new missile, possibly a 6th test of a nuclear weapon but the missile disintegrated before gaining altitude. Many believe the United States was able to hack the North Korean system and caused the weapon failure. The Pentagon and White House have refused to comment on such claims.

It is refreshing, no matter what your political leaning to see the United States as a leader on the World Stage once again and not a backseat driver. The failed foreign of the past eight years is thankfully over. It is important that on this extremely dangerous crisis that the US steps up and leads the world in disarming the unbalanced dictator who is threatening to pull the world into all out war.

The United States simply cannot sit on the sidelines and allow the North Koreans to become fully capable in the realm of nuclear weapons. We cannot peacefully co-exist in a world in which Kim Jung Un has such power. It is also not possible for us to co-exist with a nuclear Iran and those two nations are also close allies.

This administration is now addressing the sins of former ones. We can only hope and pray they can find their way through this darkness without resorting to the nuclear options we have held since World War 2.

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