One left leaning news outlet after another came out over the last 48 hours to declare Donald Trump is so unpopular that Republicans are on the verge of losing a bright red Congressional district in Kansas that he won with more than 60% of the vote. It is the first seat up for grabs since he took the White House in November. Mike Pompeo left the seat for his new post as head of the CIA. Democrats and their friends in the media are declaring it a toss-up.

No chance. Zero.

This is yet another prime example of the chattering class getting together and getting soaked on too much wine, a good dose of pipe dreams and an ample helping of contempt for people that live in godforsaken places like Kansas to begin with. The vast majority of those on the left that consider themselves to be enlightened have never even been to the vast rolling plains of the Sunflower State. Trust me they don’t care to. Why the hell would anybody go to Kansas let alone live there?

They are so disconnected from reality in Washington, DC and New York City that they have deluded themselves into believing that somehow Donald Trump, by keeping his promises and delivering big wins like Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch will somehow shift the seat to the Democrats.

Let me make it easy. The Kansas seat was never in question. Nor will it be in 2018. Kansas will also be bright red again. It’s funny but do you remember how the media was blathering on about how Republicans might lose the Senate seat there in 2016 and that a Democrat might become Governor. Yeah, um, it wasn’t even close on either matter.

Enjoy the wine my friends!

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