Do you remember the entire Cindy Gamrat/Todd Courser fiasco a few years back?  Well once again it has reared its’ ugly head.

If you do not remember the details Cindy Gamrat, former Republican State Representative from Allegan County, was expelled from the State House for misconduct in office related to the attempted cover-up of her and Todd Courser’s extramarital affair. The couple were also accused of misusing taxpayer dollars for the cover-up attempt.

It is being reported that Ms. Gamrat is suing the state House of Representatives, ex-House Speaker Kevin Cotter, former aides and her husband in federal court.

Ms. Gamrat’s lawsuit states that her “procedural due process” was violated during the investigation into her and Todd Coursers alleged misconduct in office.  Ms. Gamrat claims her contract was breached, and she was prosecuted when political leaders abused the investigative process to disparage and expel her from office.

The complaint is looking for compensation for damages and lost earnings she would have received had she not been expelled from the Michigan House of Representatives. Per the suit Ms. Gamrat is also asking for damages for “her mental anguish and emotional distress, embarrassment and humiliation, and damage to her professional reputation as a result of Defendants’ actions”.

When is enough an enough?  Apparently not until money is paid.

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